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SpiritHill Ramble on Rose

DOB: 11/17/2007

Rosie was placed in a good home, but unfortunately had to return to live at SpiritHill. She is a beautiful brown patched tabby with white. She is GC SpiritHill Red Alert's littermate sister, so she is a big female with vibrant colors. Rosie is overweight and will need to continue her diet plan so she will continue to slowly loose the extra pounds that may put her at risk later in life. She is not really into getting combed either, but with love and patience, it can be done. She is a sweet, loving cat, but will be happiest as an only feline child. She is not assertive and allows other cats to put her low on the pecking order. She loves the dogs though, and cuddles and purrs on them until they get up and go away. *Update - Rosie is at a good weight now and would love to have a home as an only cat!



Sebago Mist Colorado Skies

DOB: 12/29/2009

Colorado Skies is a blue solid cat with white and green eyes. She came to SpiritHill from Maine. She is what is called a foundation Maine Coon, meaning her heritage comes from the native Maine Coon Cat still found in the State of Maine today, and has little to no "show lines" in her pedigree. Using cats such as Skies in a breeding program increases genetic diversity and hopefully adds genetic vigor to a cattery's lines. However, she will not look like the typical Maine Coon cat you may see in todays show ring. She is smaller in size (weighs about 9 pounds) and has smaller ears and muzzle. However, she definitely has the Maine Coon personality! She is also a polydactly, having the extra toe on her front feet that the original Maine Coon was noted for.

Skies has produced litters for me and I decided it was time for her to have a life as a spoiled pet. I do think Colorado Skies would do better as an only cat since she is not assertive and allows my other cats to pick on her. If, at a later date, after she is comfortable in her new environment, a kitten is introduced, I think that would work fine, but not sure she will enjoy living with another stranger-adult cat. Although I say that, she is best friends with a semi-feral rescue cat that has moved in too, and Kiowa could go with her. With humans she is sweet and affectionate. She does not mind dogs.


CH SpiritHill Oreo Speedwagon

DOB: 10/18/2009


Oreo is a black and high white male, with green eyes that is from a litter produced by CH SpiritHill AppleJack and SpiritHill Fern Gully.

He was used as a stud and produced beautiful kittens. It is now his time to live the life of a retired breeder and get to relax and be a pet. He is a large male and does tend to throw his weight around every now and then, but is sweet and loveable too. He was neutered and is current on immunizations and vet checked, so he is ready to go to a good forever home. He gets along well with other cats, and dogs.




DOB: Unknown


Sam is a brown mackerel tabby domestic short hair that showed up at my house one day. He was either a friendly barn cat or someone's pet at one time, because while he had abviously been an outdoor cat, he is not feral. The tip of his tail was injured and so his tail is shorter than it was at one time, but has healed very nicely and one really doesn't notice it at all. He is very sweet. Sam is afraid of my intact male Maine Coons, but gets along with the intact females, the alters, and the dogs. He is altered, FIV, FeLV negative, and current on immunizations. He has grown used to having his nails clipped, his mouth, ears and eyes touched and can almost let you tickle his belly without getting overstimulated. His favorite spot is sleeping with me under the blankets, curled up next to my back. I hope someone falls in love with him soon, because I am falling hard! A major problem with being a breeder is keeping the number of cats you house at an acceptable level to provide optimal care. I want Sam to have a home where he can be special and I don't get "too many cats." I would expect him to continue to stay as in indoor-only cat, and he doesn't try to get outside or seem to mind being indoors only now.