SpiritHill Maine Coon Cats


SpiritHill Maine Coon Cattery
Patty Berg
PO Box 825
Morrison, CO 80465


Date of Birth:

Date of Sale:
Purchase Price:

Buyer Agreements:

" This kitten is sold as an altered animal. If the kitten is placed unaltered, registration papers will be provided to the Buyer after veterinary proof of altering is provided to the Breeder. The kitten will be altered by 8 months of age.

" Buyer agrees to keep the kitten clean, healthy, free of undue stress and harassment, and well nourished. Fresh water will be available at all times. Kind and humane attention will be given. The cat will be provided with prompt medical care when necessary. The cat will not be declawed.

" Buyer will provide a sanitary, indoor environment with sufficient room and space, without unnecessary confinement. Under no circumstances will the Buyer permit this kitten to roam freely outdoors. The Buyer is contracted to provide a lifetime home for this kitten. In the event that the Buyer is not able to keep the animal, the breeder, Patty Berg, will be contacted. This kitten/cat will not be sold to another individual without the expressed, written permission of the Breeder, or sold or given to an animal shelter, humane society, pet store, research lab, or be abandoned. Any animal taken back by the Breeder because of negligence or improper care will not be subject to any refund policy.

" The Buyer may return the kitten to the Breeder for any reason within 7 days with 50% refund of the purchase price. After that period, refunds will be at the Breeder's judgment. Buyer will pay for all the transportation costs incurred for the return. The Breeder will not be liable for any costs incurred by the Buyer during this time.

Breeder Agreements:
" This cat, to the best of my knowledge, is healthy at the time of this sale. A Health Certificate is attached. This health guarantee includes bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, internal and external parasites, and congenital defects. This guarantee extends for 10 days from the time the kitten goes to his new home: ________________. If during the 10 day guarantee period the kitten appears ill, it is to be examined by a veterinarian. If the veterinarian feels that the kitten is ill with an illness that was present prior to sale, the Breeder should be contacted immediately, before any major treatment is initiated (except in an emergency situation). The Breeder will pay for the cost of the treatment up to the purchase price of the kitten, after receiving the veterinary statement verifying that the illness was present prior to the sale. In the case of a dispute, the Breeder reserves the right to take the kitten to a veterinarian of the Breeder's choice for a second opinion, at the Breeder's cost. The second opinion will be the deciding diagnosis. If the kitten should die from a problem present prior to the sale, or from a genetic defect before one year of age, the Breeder will replace the kitten with one of equal value, or refund the purchase price. A written necropsy report will be required.

" Breeder recommends minimal vaccinations for an animal kept indoors in a healthy environment. Immunization records and recommendations will be provided at the time of sale. The FIP vaccine should not be given. If the Buyer uses this vaccine, the Breeder will not replace the kitten/cat should it subsequently develop FIP.

" Breeder will provide information and recommendations to the Buyer concerning nutritional requirements/food and the introduction of a kitten/cat into a new home.

" The most common heart problem in felines is HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Both parents of this kitten have tested negative for one of the genes that has been discovered to cause HCM. A copy of the results will be given to you. This test is brand new and may help determine if a cat will develop HCM, but does not guarantee a cat will not develop HCM.

If the Buyer is found to be in violation of any of these terms and conditions, the Breeder retains the right to bring action against the Buyer in the State of Colorado for breach of contract and demand immediate return of the animal to the Breeder.

Additions and/or amendments to this contract must be initialed by both the Buyer and the Breeder/Seller.

I am in full agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this sales contract.